Making The Most of a Reading

Flaming Charli really comes to life when read aloud and allows students to  actively contribute to the reading.
Engaging students in this manner allows them to experience literature in the mode of performance.
A good tip is to spend a few moments prior to the reading rehearsing the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo ‘Raaaarrrrrkkk!’ as a group.

Rehearsing the Raaaarrrrrkkk!

  • About three repetitions is great so everyone feels comfortable.

Cue the Raaaarrrkkk!

  • Practice raising your hand to ‘cue’ the students to Raaaarrrrrkkk! (this will let the students know when to make the call during the reading)

Read away!

  • Don’t forget to cue students when you get to the Raaaarrrkkk!
  • (Some days I think I have almost heard the ceiling lift!)

Students can volunteer to do repeat readings.


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