Mixed-media Collage

Collage, at its simplest, is about putting pieces of material together in an artistic way by cutting and pasting.

For Flaming Charli, Lorraine used a technique where she tore paper she made by hand into the characters and then assembled them together into a collage. To complete the illustration, she highlighted parts of the collage with water-colour paint. This is called a mixed-media collage.

There are many different types of collage. Some of these include photo collages, mosaics, 3-Dimensional collages, magazine/newspaper collages, paint collages, wood collages, decoupage and fabric collages.

From our visits to numerous early learning centres, schools and libraries, all children have had the opportunity to complete a mixed-media collage. This is a nice complement to the reading and helps to reinforce the story (comprehension through a visual retelling) but is also a chance for students to exercise their extraordinary creative muscles!

Mixed Media Collage


  • Charli cut outs (see Resources page)
  • Brown paper bags.
  • Coloured feathers (available from most craft shops).
  • Torn coloured pieces of scrap paper.
  • Stiff card.
  • Paste glue.
  • Glue brushes.
  • Crayons or pencils.


  • Print Charli outlines (from Resources page) and cut them out.

charli3 charli2 charli1

  • Cut tree trunk shapes from the brown paper bags.

Tree Trunks

  • Place torn paper in bowls and distribute to each desk.
  • Place feathers in bowls and distribute to each desk.
  • Prepare paint or distribute crayons to each desk.
  • Distribute thick card to each student.


  • Assemble the collage elements.
  • Paste tree trunk to card.
  • Paste Charli cut out into trunk.
  • Paste coloured paper to suit particular areas of collage (i.e. green paper for grass or leaves, brown for earth. red feathers for fire or white feathers for the birds).

Collage2       Collage

  • Finally colour in the crest with yellow, the claws with grey and the beak black.

And there you have it! Feel free to send any of the beautiful collages you make to flamingcharli@gmail.com


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