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“It’s refreshing to find a book featuring Australian flora and fauna that goes beyond cute stereotypes and focuses on issues such as bushfires and the animals who are affected. I also appreciated the subtle message of the importance of listening to your mother but also speaking up if you notice something is not right. For a seemingly simple picture book, Flaming Charli communicates a great deal.

The Mummy Project.

“An endearing, lively character predominates the pages of Flaming Charli in a story that certainly creates awareness and evokes compassion for victims facing very real natural disasters across our dry land. It is a beneficial book for exploring environmental studies (bushfires, recycling) and visual arts (collage) for early primary school aged children.”

CBCA Reading Time

Choose from the menus to make the most of this wonderful book by author Ant Wood and illustrator Lorraine Robertson.

If you have any other ideas for lessons, activities or to show off your awesome class work, we would love to hear from you. Send an email to flamingcharli@gmail.com

Flaming Charli Cover


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